Sunday, April 29, 2012

Technology puts Brad and Britt back in the mornings

The Curtis Media Group took Brad and Britt away from my morning routine. But technology has allowed me to bring their entertaining and informative show back to my mornings.

This is one of the best shows on radio and, as I wrote on this blog in January, they were a fixture of my morning routine. They were just as much a part of my morning runs as lacing up my Saucony shoes.

By using their podcasts, Brad Krantz, left, and Britt
Whitmire are back as part of my morning routine.
That all changed last month when Curtis Media took Brad Krantz and Britt Whitmire off of WZTK 101.1 FM and shifted them to afternoons on WPTF AM 850 in the Triangle and WSJS AM AM 610 in the Triad. As I wrote last month, this change made me (and probably many others) very unhappy. It's now La Ley 101.1, a Hispanic station.

I knew that Britt put up a podcast every night, but was skeptical about whether their conversations on news of the day would still be of interest 12-14 hours later.

I tried Bill LuMaye, who 850 shifted from afternoons to mornings, but got tired of his cynical right-wing view of everything really fast. He can be interesting at times, but he's not nearly as entertaining as Brad and Britt.

I've had a very small MP3 player for a while that I've barely used since all of my music is now on my phone. But I decided to use it to try downloading the B&B podcast for my morning runs.

I'm glad I did! And hearing the show 12-14 hours later doesn't seem to matter.

With these podcasts, I've turned a negative into a positive.

I only run 6 days a week (I take Mondays off after running long on Sundays). I only got to listen to the show during my runs 4 days a week when they were on 101.1. Now with the podcasts, I hear the show on runs 5 days a week, including Saturday mornings.

It is a pain to sometimes have to fire up the computer, download the podcast and transfer it to my MP3 player each morning. But lately, the podcast has been put up on their blog page early enough for me to take care of that before I go to bed.

It sure beats the live radio options in the morning. And, unlike when I listened to them on 101.1, there are no commercials, no news breaks, no Panthers report (not that there would be this time of year, anyway) and no Wall Street Journal report.

A bonus to the podcasts is that you get to hear occasional Lil' Rush reports (Britt's humorous impression of Rush Limbaugh), which they apparently have been told not to do on the air. I've heard Britt do some George W. Bush impressions on the air. But, as I wrote in last month's blog post, many others, including The Rather Report, seem to have been lost in the move to afternoons.

In addition, the flow of the show on the podcast isn't interrupted by the incessantly frequent traffic reports you hear when you listen live in the afternoon. As busy as I am at work, I really can only listen live on the way home from work and during the "Triangle Power Hour," as they call it, from 6-7 p.m.

For all of you Brad and Britt fans frustrated by the move, I suggest you try the podcast solution that is working well for me!

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